As Young As You Are

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In a crusade of over 5,000 men and unnumbered females and children, it came as a shock when no one had food that could be used as token for Jesus’ miracle except a young boy whose name is not even mentioned. Are you a young person with potentials yet limited by your age?

Over the years, many folks have used their ages and youthfulness as an excuse for the reason why God cannot use them. However, there are several examples littered in Scriptures of how God has used several young people to achieve mighty, remarkable, and astounding achievements. God has been using several young people to carry out his purposes on the earth.

This book is inspirationally written to motivate and challenge young people to strive and exhibit their God-given gifts and talents. It will make you uncomfortable with your current level of success and challenge you to make incursions to your next level. You will be guided strategically to discover and utilize the little talent and exuberance you have at your disposal even As Young As You Are.


In this book, you will find out

  • How A small Boy prevented Hunger in the Desert
  • Biblical Young People Who Made Remarkable History
  • How to Face Youthful Challenges with Courage
  • Ways to Break Limitations As a Young Person



Labon Jacob is a Youth Pastor, Conference Speaker, Youth Advocate, Author and IT professional. His wisdom and Godly Counsel have elevated many lives and ministries to success. His message centers on Grace, Motivation and Equipping Young People. His passion is to see the youth of our generation fulfilling their purpose in life.

He has served in various positions in many Religious Organizations and NGOs such as victorious Christian Youth Fellowship, Kings Word Family, NUPS-G and currently serving as the National Youth President and a Board Member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana.

Labon carries out various missionary works with the youth in Senior High Schools and Territory Institutions. He speaks at conferences and workshops in Ghana and outside the country.

He acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi Campus.








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