CHRONICLES OF THE AGES PAST – The travel back in time to unravel the mystery behind the fall of Lucifer and other hidden mysteries of the Bible

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  • Paperback: 106 pages
  • Publisher: David Ashun
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9988-2-9328-4
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There are so many debates surrounding the possibility of a Pre-Adamic world and other hidden mysteries of the Bible such as the gemstones that led to the fell of Lucifer and the introduction of the Ice age. There is a connection with the Ice age and the creation of hell and its hidden secrets.

This book contains revelations that will bridge the gap between science and faith. Included in this book is a mystery and revelation about what Adam looked like when he was created and what Satan saw.

There is a parallel between Lucifer and one of Israel’s Kings. There is also a message in the Edenic code about the two trees in the garden. Join the author on this amazing journey of revelations and the secrets revealed will change your perception on science and its connection with faith.



Pastor David Ashun is a uniquely gifted teacher and theologian who is able to bring revelations from the word of God in an indepth manner. A graduate from Central University College in Business Management and Dominion theological seminary, Pastor David Ashun is the senior pastor of Christ Cornerstone Ministry in Accra Ghana and also organizes conferences.


Facebook: @War of two kingdoms


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