Live Your Dream Now

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  • Paperback: 184 pages
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What qualities do you need to accomplish greatness? Do you have big dreams but do not know how to find your way there? How many times have you caught yourself fantasizing about your success? Are you still marking time and daydreaming? Wake up and LIVE YOUR DREAM NOW!!!

Loaded with practical tips, LIVE YOUR DREAM NOW is packed with wisdom and garnished with relatable experiences which will give you clear directions to find your purpose and prepare for its achievement. For every young person figuring out how to turn dreams into reality, navigating the path of life to the future he or she envisions, this book is one that I would ask you to read.




Mr. Mensah Enock was born and raised in the Central Region of Ghana. He had his basic and secondary education at Heritage Academy. He is a passionate dreamer who believes in actions rather than words. Life was tough for him as a beginner, but he believes with that grit and assiduousness, success is inevitable. Enock was fascinated with writing while growing up, and his interest led to early exposure to reading self-help and motivational books.

In this book, Mr. Mensah, a student of the University of Ghana, has compiled his ideas into Live Your DREAM Now, a motivational manual for those who want to pursue their dreams.


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