SELF AND OTHERS: Demonstrating Christ’s Love unto Others by E.O. Boamah

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We live in such a period where the phrase, “each one for himself, God for us all” is gaining more grounds. We no longer look at the interest of others. We seem to be protecting the little we have for the future and the dearth that surrounds us. Thus, selfishness has become supreme in our days. Yet, the word God, as seen in Philippians 2:4 says:

“Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the interest of others”. This needs to be fulfilled and it requires more than faith; it demands action for Christ’s sake.

In this timely book, SELF AND OTHERS, the author challenges his readers with the Biblical truths to think beyond the personal trinity of “Me, myself and I” and consider others as well. Without mincing words, the author, through divine inspiration and based on life experiences and the views of others, skilfully brings to bare the most compelling reasons for which people fail to consider the needs of others and the way forward. Why must we help others and how do we do this all-important assignment to satisfy our Heavenly Father? The book teaches how to relate with the less privileged and touches on many other intriguing issues.


E.O. Boamah is one of the Shepherds chosen by God to herald the message of the gospel in this dispensation. As a called Evangelist, he’s mandated to reconcile lost souls to Christ, nurture them holistically in creative wisdom, sacrificial life and scriptural holiness and to help them measure up to the fullness and stature of Christ. His delight is in raising men that are knowledgeable in the Word for ministry. This is because, he believes in the priesthood of all believers.

As a revivalist and a resourceful counsellor, his messages on several platforms enlighten destinies and shape visions unto accomplishment. As a dynamic grace preacher, his emphasis is on the finished work of Christ. He’s bent on leaving his audience in a state of joy by revealing to them the true identity of Jesus our Emmanuel, how we can live on earth as Christ lived.

E.O. Boamah is currently a student as the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Saltpond.

He lives in Nkwakwa Kwahu with his family.



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