SONS OF GOD AND DEMIGODS – Who is a child of God? by Michael Sasu Mireku

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This book is very inspirational! With Jesus in our lives as Lord and Saviour. He could turn any situation around for the good and give us total victory!

Dist. Apostle Dr. Michael Class-Peters

SONS OF GOD AND DEMI-GODS is a complete, revival book that is going to take the reader into the level and understanding of who a child of God is and to boost the power of a Christians to know who they are.

Since the beginning of civilization, kingdoms and empires, the words sons of God or son of gods has been found and raised as higher factor and an important tool for victories of these kingdoms. Just as any of these empires has never lived without a gods so they did not lived without a philosophy of son of gods they called demi gods. Theism is the belief that there is an existence of a God/god, while Judaism, Christianity and other forms of religion believes we were created by God making us different from animals but rather children of God.

It seems to be true because we human beings are superior to animals. But these ancients’ empires made their kingdoms through these myths or the believed of having great sons of gods/demigods who help them in battles. Likewise also if we all humans are children of God then why Jesus Christ who became Son of God and has established the kingdom of God, giving power to those who believed in his name to become sons of God/ children of God. John 1:12 the question is, are all really children of God?

The reader will experience who really is a child of God and will be able to examine how one can be a son/daughter of God. The reader will also experience who are demi-gods, the power they possess according to their myths and the similarities between demi-gods and sons of God.

Please enjoy the transformation and the secret of believing in Jesus Christ.


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