WHEN YOU SOW YOU DON’T REAP – Being patient in an impatient world

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“Life is lived in stages, seasons and times. The strength, depth, and reach of a life is dependent on the ability to maximize each season to its fullest capacity. Often, many live for the season of harvest, the time of fruits, progress and results yet very few are willing to fully gibe themselves to the season of painful tilling, sowing, watering, nursing to yield a healthy bumper harvest.

Many entrepreneurs, celebrities, ministers experience short term success not given themselves to the training that will propel their longevity in their arena of operation, they sprout out of a short season and wither away shortly”. – Dr. Alex Opoku, Associate Professor, UCLA London.

In this book, the author captures and meticulously discusses the importance and the need for patience in achieving greatness and lasting success. We are in a generation of urgent, immediate and instantaneous results, we want everything to happen yesterday.

Patience is becoming a rare commodity, we’ve lost the art and the glory of waiting, enduring and achieving lasting success, this book serves as a needed reminder and a guide to bring us back to the art of patience.

The author uses his time on the farm as a young boy to teach the process from sowing to reaping, you don’t reap immediately after you sow and the day you sow the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

This book will teach you how to sow your seed (ideas) and go through the process of reaping a bountiful harvest.

“Don’t eat your seeds, sow them” – Rudolph Mensah



A young dynamic speaker and lover of God, Rudolph is devoted to helping people find meaning in their lives and become what they dream of. His first book, BECOMING YOUR DREAM, has been a first-time sensation globally. He is also the author of the books 31 DAYS OF WISDOM, LEAP: ACTION; THE BRIDGE BETWEEN KNOWING AND DOING, SET AND ACHIEVE SMARTER GOALS EVERY TIME and 365 DAYS OF INSPIRATION. He continues to share insight on his website and social media platforms with thousands and speaks to several hundreds of audiences. Rudolph is also a doctor; a job which brings him closer every day to patients’ struggles and pain. When medicine can’t heal them, he touches them with the special balm of the love of God and a super sense of motivation. His philosophy in life is that, “life has no meaning until you define it and when you define your life purpose and you put in the work, then you shall win, it may not be immediately but definitely.” He is a native of Elmina in Ghana and continues to work to improve the health of rural communities in Ghana.


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