The English language can be very confusing. A lot of people tend to get confused with the right words for the right occassion.

Today, lets take a look at the difference between the words faith and fate, and when to use them appropriately.

To have Faith is to believe that something would happen. The Bible defines Faith as the assurance of things hoped for.

Fate, on the other hand, is described as one’s destiny, future or predetermined end. 

Let’s use these two in sentences;
1. Faith: Job had faith in God, therefore he was able to trust that God would restore everything back to him, and indeed, God did.    

2. Fate: The Fate of every criminal lies in the hands of the high court judge.   

So next time you want to tell someone you believe in them, don’t say, “I have fate in you” rather, “ I have faith in you”

The difference is stressed when the “th” sound is enunciated instead of the “t” sound.

The same applies to the words Theme and team, which we would focus on in our next post.

Until next time, get it right, say it right….